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Hope you have enjoyed my earlier topic about gardening.

I will not take you through in details of gardening but definitely suggest you to have your own gardens.

Reason why I am asking you to grow is, it is not only gives you a sense of satisfaction, it is good for our children and future generations as well. As I discussed earlier, during my childhood days, we had lots of open space for gardening however if we see today, every where you will find only concrete jungles. Garden is a big ‘No’ because of multiple reasons like- no open space to grow plants, gated communities, apartments and also lack of time. You hardly get land to grow your own plants, hence its good to move to container gardening. Nowadays, if you see, instead of just seeing the images of fruits, vegetables or flowers in the science text books or drawing the same for our children’s’ science projects or activities, they do not have any idea as what is root or shoot or branch. So unfortunate!!!!

How can we overcome this issue? Think Think, Think, nothing is impossible.

Still we can give something to our children at least they can see, feel, understand how a plant grows. We need to take our children closer to our nature. Very simple. I totally agree that we have challenges in terms of space, still we can work towards this.This is what I have done and if it is feasible, you can also try.

Start with container gardens as you can still go ahead with 80% of gardening. Let me take you through various types of gardening and what is good for our home in today’s world. I am not looking for big or great gardens however will discuss about what type of gardens we can afford at home keeping in mind the space.

Gardening can be much much more than just planting flowers, vegetables or fruits. Gardens can be of different varieties like Tropical gardens, Woodland gardens, Water gardens, Environment gardens and so on which can be available on https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/spaces/specialty-gardens-filling-the-needs-of-all-gardeners.htm however we can opt for gardens keeping in mind the space and time availability and these could be mainly container gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, Kitchen gardens etc .

I mainly prefer container gardening as I do not have enough land space. We have got good sites which actually provides simple and easy way for container gardens. You can grow many varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers of your choice depending on the country and the climate. We can plant herbs like Pudina( mint ),Coriander, Tulasi( basil ) very easily which are used on a regular basis in our kitchens.

As we all know, Mint is useful for treatment of indigestion, weight loss, headache, asthma, skin related problems, as a mouth fresher and so on https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/herbs-and-spices/health-benefits-of-mint.html. 





Similarly Basel leaves or holy tulasi has its own numerous benefits like it fights acne, protects against diabetics, helps fight cancer, balances hormones, relieves fever and so on  https://draxe.com/tulsi/

Since we looked at so many benefits with these simple herbs, why can’t we grow the same in our pots or kitchen gardens which will be chemical free and fresh. You can just plant a stem of Mint in a pot filled with soil, water it and it will take a week for the roots to grow. Till then do not keep in the sunlight and do not add too much of water. Similarly, you can plant Tulasi from the seeds or plant a sapling. These are couple of useful plants which you can grow without any hassles and trust me people, I am doing it. Similarly, you can also grow couple of vegetables in the containers like Potatoes, Tomatoes, Chilies, Onions, Garlic, Ginger etc and then explain to the kids what is root, what is stem, how do the flowers come out , how it turns to be fruits or vegetables. I ask them to pluck the vegetables with their hands and then I love watching their faces with the sense of satisfaction that those fruits/vegetables come out with their effort as well. 

Give them small tasks like watering the plants, removing the dried leaves from the plant and monitoring them on daily basis. The love of gardening  is a seed, once sown never dies-Gertrude Jekyll. If we germinate the gardening seed to our children from the beginning, they will take it forward which is very much required to save our planet. This is a small step which we can contribute towards community by satisfying our interest as well. . Plants are beautiful creation of God for human beings. Lets all protect and save them and hence we are saving our children’ health from pollution.

People, I hope you loved this topic which actually covers the relationship between our children’s’ development by taking them through practical examples and the nature by playing our part to make world a better place to live.

My next topic will cover about use of plants to beautify our balcony.

Garden and Me

The word “Garden” gives us a sense of freshness and greenery. But did you any time ask this question to your self, why we get this feeling? There is a saying When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden by Minnie Aumonier 

Let me share my connection with the garden!

Hello, I am Aaisha Tasneem  and will share you my childhood experience with the garden. From childhood, I am in love with gardening which included flowers,fruits and vegetables. We used to have lots of open space in front and behind our house for gardening. We used to plant lots of vegetables and grow colourful flowers. I have actually seen how a sapling comes out from seeds, how it grows, how the flowers comes and then the fruits/vegetables. Even today, I like spending time with the plants especially when I am stressed out or very upset. If I actually look at them, I feel like they are talking to me, they are responding me and I can feel them. I get relaxed. Years passed on but my interest never faded away with the time. According to Allan ArmitageGardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized”. Gardening brings a lot of relaxation, greenery, beauty, purity and good and healthy feelings. Gardening has also emerged in recent years as a scientifically proven stress reliever. You need not have to be a gardener to grow basic flowers or vegetables. But if you grow your own fruits/vegetables, at least in small quantity and see them on the plants, tears will roll out from your eyes, the sense of happiness and satisfaction you get, you cannot buy this anywhere in the world. Trust me guys, you can actually try it out. There are so many websites  which will actually help us develop in simple terms. There are varieties of gardens existing today. Will discuss why is it more important in today’s world to have at least a small garden.Wait for my next blog!!!!